Marc. 21 Montreal, drug free, loud music and horror movies. NFB crew. Tamra forever❤️

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Why smoke weed when you can do meth.


The Power Process by Incendiary 

Forgiveness is a virtue that I’ve yet to achieve 

Scars stay raw, time doesn’t heal, but deceives
Try to bury the past with dirt from my soul
But there ain’t a hole this deep to hold it all
I need so much more from myself 
A change in morals, a change in faith
Conviction develop to handle this pain
In a perfect world I’d keep what I earned
But this life forces you to cross the bridges you’ve burned
I need so much more from myself 
Years fall away like sand between my fingers
Looking over my shoulder just to see a clearer picture
Evolution doesn’t mean forgetting what you’ve learned or where you’ve been
It’s self realization achieved, free from the prison we’re existing in
But I’ll never lose my morals, I’ll never lose my faith
I live by the power process to survive on this planet of waste.

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